How to Hire


Downloadable templates, worksheets, checklists, calculators, and more to support your hiring process.

Chapter 2 - Know Who You Need

Talent GPA Exercise

Performance Improvement Plan

Ideal Candidate Profile Template

Chapter 3 - Show Who You Are

Employee NPS Template

Compelling Careers Page Checklist

Compensation Planning Guide

Chapter 4 - Recruit Like You Sell

Value/Cost Per Hire Calculator

Job Posting Builder

Grade Your Application Experience

Chapter 6 - Interview for the Big Three

Lifeline Interview Guide

Chapter 7 - Make the Right Hire

Guide to Reference & Background Checks

Candidate Defense Template

Chapter 8 - Make it Repeatable

Hiring Process Design Worksheet

Chapter 9 - Retain From Day One

Onboarding Checklist

90 Day Template

Growth Plan Template